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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Vocab 14 October

DRACONIAN (ADJECTIVE): harsh:(बेदर्द)

Synonyms: cruel, strict

Antonyms: contrite, pliable

Example Sentence:

Adolf Hitler was a draconian leader.

2. NOXIOUS (ADJECTIVE): foul:(बहुत अप्रिय)

Synonyms: toxic, pernicious

Antonyms: good, healthy

Example Sentence:

This perfume has a noxious smell.

3. PERSPICACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): wise:(कुशाग्रबुद्धि)

Synonyms: intelligent, astute

Antonyms: dull, unperceptive

Example Sentence:

This child has a perspicacious mind to solve the questions.

4. SPLURGY (ADJECTIVE): flamboyant:(दिखावटी)

Synonyms: showy, dashing

Antonyms: plain, modest

Example Sentence:

The singer loves to wear splurgy suits while performing.

5. TIFF (NOUN): dispute:(मनमुटाव)

Synonyms: squabble, fight

Antonyms: accord, harmony

Example Sentence:

I want to be out of this tiff.

6. SUPERVENE (VERB): follow:(पीछे आना)

Synonyms: pursue, supersede

Antonyms: founder, precede

Example Sentence:

The federal court decision will supersede the decision of the lower court.

7. BESTOW (VERB): present:(प्रदान करना)

Synonyms: confer, entrust

Antonyms: withhold, deprive

Example Sentence:

The principal will bestow the awards to the meritorious students.

8. GRIM (ADJECTIVE): depressing:(विकट)

Synonyms: gloomy, dark

Antonyms: cheerful, happy

Example Sentence:

It was a grim night yesterday.

9. REINFORCE (VERB): strengthen:(मजबूत बनाना)

Synonyms: assist, augment

Antonyms: discourage, obstruct

Example Sentence:

Article 377 will surely reinforce the integrity of our law and order system.

10. UNWITTINGLY (ADVERB): not knowing:(अनिच्छापूर्वक)

Synonyms: accidently, unintentionally

Antonyms: knowingly, purposefully

Example Sentence:

The little girl unwittingly let the sneaky kitten out the back door when she left for school

Vocab 13 October

DISCERNMENT (NOUN): perception:(समझ)

Synonyms: acumen, understanding

Antonyms: ignorance, stupidity

Example Sentence:

Tact is skill in touching; nice perception or discernment in dealing with others.

2. NARCISSISM (NOUN): egotism:(अहंकार)

Synonyms: arrogance, selfishness

Antonyms: shyness, timidity

Example Sentence:

Narcissism is a result of stunted growth and of childhood abuse.

3. MUTINY (NOUN): resistance:(विद्रोह)

Synonyms: defiance, insurrection

Antonyms: calm, peace

Example Sentence:

This was a clear case of mutiny, and the only one in which I was ever implicated.

4. SABOTAGE (NOUN): damage:(तोड़-फोड़)

Synonyms: vandalism, disruption

Antonyms: fidelity, loyalty

Example Sentence:

The sabotage of the Preliminary had been the first local step in that direction.

5. PROTRUDE (VERB): stick out:(निकला हुआ होना)

Synonyms: extrude, extend

Antonyms: shrink, sink

Example Sentence:

She had no flesh left; her bones seemed to protrude through the skin.

6. RECEDE (VERB): withdraw:(पीछे हटना)

Synonyms: abate, regress

Antonyms: increase, extend

Example Sentence:

The Cabinet will recede more and more from our principles, our party.

7.WANTON (ADJECTIVE): extravagant:(आवारा)

Synonyms: lustful, outrageous

Antonyms: good, moral

Example Sentence:

Between 1868 and 1872 they added ten millions by wanton extravagance to the State debt.

8. NULLIFY (VERB): cancel:(प्रभावहीन करना)

Synonyms: revoke, abolish

Antonyms: approve, allow

Example Sentence:

Fortunately, the attempt to nullify its benefits proved ineffectual.

9. ALIGN (VERB): line up:(पंक्तिबद्ध करना)

Synonyms: array, adjust

Antonyms: disorder, mess up

Example Sentence:

Similar instruction is given the troopers in aligning themselves to the left.

10. GRAPPLE (VERB): grab:(भिड़ जाना)

Synonyms: confront, cope

Antonyms: release, let go

Example Sentence:

Every blood-vessel was striving to grapple with the present.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Vocab 12 October

CONDESCENSION (NOUN): disdain :(कृपालुता)

Synonyms: civility, haughtiness

Antonyms: humility, inferiority

Example Sentence:

One should never show condescension to others.

2. EDDY (NOUN):current:(भंवर, बवन्डर)

Synonyms: whirlpool, tide

Antonyms: calm, rest

Example Sentence:

Don’t know when will the eddy come to rest?

3. LEAVEN (VERB):ferment:(उत्प्रेरण)

Synonyms: lighten, raise

Antonyms: darken, depress

Example Sentence:

One should always try to leaven one’s knowledge.

4. LOLL (VERB):lay sprawled:(आलस करना)

Synonyms: laze, loiter

Antonyms: straighten, energize

Example Sentence:

They sing, loll and above all they drink.

5. HOOK (VERB):catch:(फँसाना)

Synonyms: clasp, lock

Antonyms: release, unhitch

Example Sentence:

He hooked a large fish.

6. JOCKEY (ADJECTIVE): amusing:(दिलचस्प)

Synonyms: entertaining, playful

Antonyms: boring, unfunny

Example Sentence:

He is such a likeable, amusing man.

7. CAULK (VERB):secure:( सन्दबन्द या कलापट्टी करना)

Synonyms: block, barricade

Antonyms: free, loosen

Example Sentence:

The sensitive area was caulked with the iron rods.

8. CONGRUENT (ADJECTIVE):agreeable:(अनुकूल)

Synonyms: conforming, concurring

Antonyms: unharmonious, disagreeable

Example Sentence:

The committee reached on to a congruent decision.

9. DISSEMBLE (VERB):disguise:(ढोंग करना)

Synonyms: falsify, feign

Antonyms: unmask, disclose

Example Sentence:

The little girl often dissembles her feelings .

10. DOTE (VERB):show excessive fondness:(स्नेह में डूबना)

Synonyms: cherish, fawn

Antonyms: ignore, offend

Example Sentence:

She doted on her two kids

Vocab 11 October

WAFT (VERB): carry:(बहा ले जाना)

Synonyms: drift, convey

Antonyms: hold, keep

Example Sentence:

They waft the information.

2. ROCOCO (ADJECTIVE): florid:(अत्यलंकृत)

Synonyms: ornate, gilt

Antonyms: plain, undecorated

Example Sentence:

It was a rococo flower-vase.

3. CHIMERA (NOUN): bogy

Synonyms: delusion, monstrosity

Antonyms: certainty, reality

Example Sentence:

The economic sovereignty you claim to defend is a chimera.

4. PORTENT (NOUN): miracle:(कल्पना)

Synonyms: marvel, prodigy

Antonyms: expectation, doom

Example Sentence:

It was a portent that she won.

5. PERVERSION (NOUN): spoof:(विकृति)

Synonyms: burlesque, distortion

Antonyms: seriousness, solemnity

Example Sentence:

The absurdly lenient sentence is a perversion of justice.

6. BURGESS (NOUN): civilian:(नागरिक)

Synonyms: inhabitant, resident

Antonyms: alien, foreigner

Example Sentence:

He is a nice burgess.

8. ARRAIGN (VERB): accuse:(अपराधी ठहराना)

Synonyms: incriminate, indict

Antonyms: exculpate, exonerate

Example Sentence:

She was arraigned on charges of attempted murder.

9. APPOSITE (ADJECTIVE): pertinent: (उपयुक्त)

Synonyms: germane, relevant

Antonyms: inappropriate, improper

Example Sentence:

There was an apposite quotation written in the side of the wall.

10. ARROGATE (VERB): claim without justification:(हड़पना)

Synonyms: confiscate, expropriate

Antonyms: reject, refuse

Example Sentence:

They arrogate to themselves the ability to divine the nation's true interests

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Vocab 10 October

FIDELITY (NOUN): Faithfulness to a person:(विश्वस्तता)

Synonyms: devotion, obedience

Antonyms: treachery disloyalty

Example sentence:

For many fidelity to a religion creed is admirable.

2. INSISTENCE (NOUN): demand:(आग्रह)

Synonyms: urging, emphasis

Antonyms: satisfaction, satiation

Example Sentence:

Our insistence for luxuries should not cause a misery to anyone.

3. NEGATE (VERB): contradict:(नकारना)

Synonyms: annihilate, disallow

Antonyms: allow, assist

Example Sentence:

The criminal will negate all charges if you failed to prove him guilty.

4. QUEER (ADJECTIVE): abnormal:(असामान्य)

Synonyms: erratic, weird

Antonyms: sensible, sound

Example Sentence:

They are queer in behavior and extremely uncultured in their lifestyle.

5. STIMULATE (VERB): provoke:(उत्तेजित करना)

Synonyms: elate, arouse

Antonyms: neglect, dishearten

Example Sentence:

The teacher has to stimulate the students in order to create a hunger in them.

6. UNPRECEDENTED (ADJECTIVE): exceptional:(अभूतपूर्व)

Synonyms: bizarre, anomalous

Antonyms: familiar, regular

Example Sentence:

We have come across unprecedented reactions that weren’t expected.

7. PIQUANT (ADJECTIVE): sparkling:(सरस)

Synonyms: peppery, spicy

Antonyms: flavorless, tasteless

Example Sentence:

We need to eat piquant dishes in order to get the real taste of Royal Rajasthan.

8. RUSTICATE (VERB): expel:(दंडस्वरूप निष्कासित करना)

Synonyms: dispel, ostracize

Antonyms: incorporate, inculcate

Example Sentence:

The principal will rusticate all the students who don’t deserve to be taught in a healthy environment

9. DRAPE (VERB): cover:(ढांकना)

Synonyms: wrap, envelop

Antonyms: unwrap, uncover

Example Sentence:

The snow draped everything as the temperature kept deteriorating.

10. PROMOTION (NOUN): advancement:(उन्नति)

Synonyms: elevation, aggrandizement

Antonyms: hindrance, debasement

Example Sentence:

They have got the promotion because they deserved it in one way or the other.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Vocab 9 October

BARB (NOUN): pointed comment:(कटाक्ष)

Synonyms: criticism, insult

Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example Sentence:

Watch out for barbs as they can hurt you badly.

2. GROVEL (VERB): kowtow:(गिड़गिड़ाना)

Synonyms: beseech, kneel

Antonyms: authorize, command

Example sentence:

They criticized leaders who grovelled for foreign patrons.

3. PALLIATE (VERB): to reduce the severity:(न्यूनीकरण)

Synonyms: abate, cover up

Antonyms: enlarge expose

Example sentence:

The doctor trusted that the new medication would palliate her patient's discomfort.

4. AMBIVALENCE (NOUN): the state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas:( उभयभाविता)

Synonyms: doubt irresolution

Antonyms: sureness, decisiveness

Example sentence:

The judge's ambivalence about the defendant's guilt caused a delay in the penalty portion of the trial.

5. NEOPHYTE (NOUN): beginner:(नवदीक्षित)

Synonyms: amateur, novice

Antonyms: professional, expert

Example Sentence:

Even the best player in the world was once a neophyte at the sport.

6. PRETENSION (NOUN): self- importance:(मिथ्याभिमान)

Synonyms: snobbishness, pomposity

Antonyms: modesty, propriety

Example Sentence:

He is adored by millions because he lacks in pretension.

7. PITHY (VERB): to the point:(सारगर्भित)

Synonyms: concise, brief

Antonyms: lengthy, verbose

Example Sentence:

In order to make it quick the teach gave pithy explanation for all the questions.

8. PERVASIVE (ADJECTIVE): which is all over the place.:(व्यापक)

Synonyms: omnipresent, prevalent

Antonyms: deficient, scanty

Example Sentence:

Unemployment is a pervasive issue in India touching all the classes.

9. HERMETIC (ADJECTIVE): airtight:(हवा बंद)

Synonyms: impervious, sealed

Antonyms: susceptible, penetrable

Example Sentence:

The cells were hermetic causing the prisoners to die of suffocation.

10. UTTERANCE (NOUN): revelation:(अभिव्यक्ति)

Synonyms: pronouncement, declaration

Antonyms: concealment, secret

Example Sentence:

The news would bubble inside his gut till it finds utterance.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Vocab 8 October

DAWDLE (VERB): waste time:(समय नष्ट करना)

Synonyms: laze, saunter

Antonyms: rush, hasten

Example Sentence:

People hasten to ask for help but often dawdle when help is needed.

2. SCURRY (VERB): move along swiftly:(शीघ्र चलना)

Synonyms: scamper, dash

Antonyms: loaf, dawdle

Example Sentence:

The little girl scurried towards her father when he called her name.

3. DENIGRATION (NOUN): belittlement:(बदनामी)

Synonyms: defamation, ridicule

Antonyms: cajolery, blandishment

Example Sentence:

Those who denigrate others often do it to hide their own failures.

4. DRUDGERY (NOUN): tedious work:(कठिन परिश्रम)

Synonyms: labor, travail

Antonyms: lethargy, indolence

Example Sentence:

To lose weight one has to endure the drudgery of hard exercises.

5. ORDEAL (NOUN): unpleasant and prolonged experience:(कठिन परीक्षा)

Synonym: difficulty, trouble

Antonyms: comfort, peace

Example sentence:

This article had a gory description about the ordeals faced by players who came back after loosing a match.

6. RAMPANT (NOUN): flourishing or spreading unchecked:(अनियंत्रित)

Synonyms: uncontrolled, unbridled

Antonyms: restrained, moderate

Example sentence:

Corruption is rampant and government is trying its best to control it.

7. FATHOM (VERB): to understand after much thought:(पूर्ण रूप से समझना)

Synonyms: comprehend grasp

Antonyms: misinterpret, misunderstand

Example sentence:

Since I have always scored good marks I cannot fathom why my teacher gave me poor grades.

8. SPAWN (VERB): originate:(बनाना)

Synonyms: create, generate

Antonyms: destroy, kill

Example sentence:

The new economic freedom has spawned hundreds of new small businesses.

9. LIMPID (ADJECTIVE): clear, transparent:(पारदर्शक)

Synonyms: comprehensible, lucid

Antonyms: muddy obscure

Example sentence:

The writer's limpid writing style greatly pleased readers who disliked complicated novels.

10. GRATIS (ADJECTIVE): free:(मुफ़्त)

Synonyms: complementary, costless

Antonyms: costly, expensive

Example sentence:

Gratis distribution of net is already being applied successfully in several impoverished countries.

vocaab 7 october

1. OVERRIDE (VERB): abrogate: (के विरुद्ध निर्णय देना)

Synonyms: annul, nullify

Antonyms: sanction, validate

Example Sentence:

He decided to override his lawyer’s decision.

2. INVIOLABILITY (NOUN): sanctity: (पवित्रता)

Synonyms: devotion, divinity

Antonyms: impiousness, irreverence

Example Sentence:

The priest proclaimed the inviolability of the temple.

3. POSIT (VERB): suppose:(मानना)

Synonyms: assume, consider

Antonyms: neglect, ignore

Example Sentence:

I shall posit her as my friend for the rest of my life.

4. UNPRECEDENTED (NOUN): extraordinary:(अभूतपूर्व)

Synonyms: bizarre, exceptional

Antonyms: regular, common

Example Sentence:

The Supreme Court has passed the unprecedented verdict on Adultery.

5. CITY DWELLERS (NOUN): townie:(शहरी)

Synonyms: urbanite, city boy

Antonyms: immigrant, foreigner

Example Sentence:

Many city dwellers live in rented apartments.

6.BYSTANDAR (NOUN): observer: (दर्शक)

Synonyms: onlooker, witness

Antonyms: participant, associate

Example Sentence:

As the drivers’ argument became physical, a bystander had to intervene.

7. CHICANERY (NOUN): deception:(छल-कपट)

Synonyms: trickery, duplicity

Antonyms: honesty, truthfulness

Example Sentence:

He is up to his old chicanery, blaming all democrats for the recession.

8.AGITATE (ADJECTIVE): disturb: (खलबली डालना)

Synonyms: churn, concuss

Antonyms: calm, soothe

Example Sentence:

As his younger brother is a troublemaker, he likes to agitate his sister by hiding her dolls.

9. CEREMONIAL (ADJECTIVE): ritual: (रीति संबंधी)

Synonyms: solemn, august

Antonyms: unimpressive, unceremonial

Example Sentence:

The tribe has different ceremonial dance for each ceremony.

10. GRUELING (ADJECTIVE): arduous: (भयंकर)

Synonyms: exhausting, laborious

Antonyms: easy, facile

Example Sentence:

In between work and school, the medical student managed a very grueling schedule.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Vocab 6 October

IMPECUNIOUS (ADJECTIVE): having little or no money:(निर्धन)

Synonyms: penniless, penurious

Antonyms: wealthy, affluent

Example Sentence:

Back in the eighties he was an impecunious, would-be racing driver.

2. IMPERTURBABILITY (NOUN): balance:(स्थिरता)

Synonyms: aplomb, coolness

Antonyms: agitation, anxiety

Example Sentence:

His imperturbability always had the effect of a goad upon his father’s temper.

3. MERETRICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): gaudy, flashy:(बनावटी शोभा युक्त)

Synonyms: garish, loud

Antonyms: genuine, real

Example Sentence:

He believes in living a meretricious life.

4. AUGURY (NOUN): omen:(शकुन)

Synonyms: auspice, harbinger

Antonyms: short-sighted, assurance

Example Sentence:

This incident of his infancy was accepted as an augury of his maturity, and he did not
belie it.

5. GLIB (ADJECTIVE): slick, smooth-talking:(चिकनी चुपड़ी बातें करने वाला)

Synonyms: artful, facile

Antonyms: stuttering, inarticulate

Example Sentence:

She advises women with similar issues not to settle for glib explanations.

6. OSTRACISM (NOUN): banishment:(बहिष्कार)

Synonyms: avoidance, boycott

Antonyms: acceptance, allowance

Example Sentence:

Only cruel teachers can follow ostracism and ill-treat their children.

7. REPINE (VERB): complain:(शिकायत करना)

Synonyms: grumble, lament

Antonyms: appreciate, praise

Example Sentence:

She likes to repine about her colleagues.

8. FEINT (NOUN): pretense:(भुलावा)

Synonyms: ruse, bluff

Antonyms: honesty, truth

Example Sentence:

She pretended to be making great efforts to cope up with the course but it was merely a feint.

9. INURE (VERB): accustom:(अभ्यस्त करना)

Synonyms: familiarize, habituate

Antonyms: neglect, soften

Example Sentence:

Poverty has inured them living in slums.

10. RECONDITE (ADJECTIVE): mysterious, obscure:(गूढ़)

Synonyms: arcane, cabalistic

Antonyms: simple, straightforward

Example Sentence:

How else to explain the popularity of a novel so free of plot, so obsessed with existential rumination and recondite philosophy?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Vocab 5 October

GRUBBY (ADJECTIVE): dirty:(मैला)

Synonyms: filthy, soiled

Antonyms: clean, spotless

Example Sentence:

His white coat was grubby and stained.

2. IMPREGNABLE (ADJECTIVE): invincible:(अखंडनीय)

Synonyms: fortified, unyielding

Antonyms: breakable, destructible

Example Sentence:

The old fort with its thick, high walls was virtually impregnable.

3. CONTEMPLATE (VERB): think about seriously:(विचार करना)

Synonyms: consider, ponder

Antonyms: neglect, reject

Example Sentence:

Our busy schedule does not allow much time to contemplate about the pleasant surroundings.

4. CONSCIENTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): thorough, careful:(अंतर्विवेकशील)

Synonyms: diligent, fastidious

Antonyms: careless, dishonest

Example Sentence:

The conscientious employees achieved the target.

5. ELATION (NOUN): extreme happiness:(आनंद)

Synonyms: bliss, ecstasy

Antonyms: sorrow, woe

Example Sentence:

His elation increased at the sight of the little girl he had saved.

6. GRAVELY (ADVERB): very much; desperately:(गंभीर भाव से)

Synonyms: deeply, seriously

Antonyms: lightly, calmly

Example Sentence:

She listened to her father gravely.

7. DIAPHANOUS (ADJECTIVE): light, airy, transparent:(पारदर्शी)

Synonyms: flimsy, clear

Antonyms: opaque, thick

Example Sentence:

Sunlight poured in through the diaphanous curtains, brightening the room.

8. BLANDISHMENT (NOUN): flattery:(चापलूसी)

Synonyms: adulation, cajolery

Antonyms: criticism, condemnation

Example Sentence:

At first he used his arts of blandishment and honeyed words in order to lure his boss.

9. QUACKERY (NOUN): charlatanism:(नीमहकीमी)

Synonyms: trickery, deception

Antonyms: reality, frankness

Example Sentence:

The meanest and most contemptible kind of cheating is quackery.

10. AVENGE (VERB): retaliate:(बदला लेना)

Synonyms: vindicate, punish

Antonyms: cheer, forgive

Example Sentence:

Hamlet delayed avenging the murder of his father.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Vocab 4 October

EXPEDIENT (ADJECTIVE): appropriate:(फ़ायदेमंद)

Synonyms: feasible, practicable

Antonyms: unfeasible, unseemly

Example Sentence:

We gave them an expedient solution to their problems.

2. CRUMBLING (ADJECTIVE): rotting:(कमज़ोर पड़ना)

Synonyms: disintegrating, collapsing

Antonyms: healing, restorative

Example Sentence:

The crumbling building got destroyed in minutes.

3. PROVOKING (ADJECTIVE): annoying:(गुस्सा भड़काने वाला)

Synonyms: tormenting, vexing

Antonyms: pleasing, soothing

Example Sentence:

The provoking words of the boss made him resign.

4. RENDERED (ADJECTIVE): performed:(प्रतिपादन करना)

Synonyms: concluded, accomplished

Antonyms: incomplete, unfinished

Example Sentence:

They rendered a brilliant act of the play.

5. BOLSTER (VERB): help:(सहारा)

Synonyms: reinforce, sustain

Antonyms: halt, neglect

Example Sentence:

His actions bolstered our actions.

6. REPEL (VERB): push away:(हटाना/टालना)

Synonyms: ward off, fend off

Antonyms: approve, aid

Example Sentence:

He repelled the enemies away.

7. INSURGENT (ADJECTIVE): rebellious:(द्रोही)

Synonyms: revolutionary, anarchical

Antonyms: obedient, subordinate

Example Sentence:

The insurgent activists were killed.

8. PROVINCIAL (ADJECTIVE):narrow:(संकीर्ण)

Synonyms: bigoted, hidebound

Antonyms: broad-minded, liberal

Example Sentence:

The provincial views must be changed.

9. RETALIATE (VERB): get even with someone:(जैसे को तैसा देना)

Synonyms: reciprocate, retrospect

Antonyms: pardon, forgive

Example Sentence:

The enemy didn’t retaliate at the same time.

10. PROFOUND (ADJECTIVE): thoughtful:(प्रकांड)

Synonyms: philosophical, thorough

Antonyms: superficial, unintelligent

Example Sentence:

He took profound steps.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Current affairs 3 October

International Day of Older Persons is observed every year on 1st October.

अंतरराष्ट्रीय वृद्ध दिवस प्रत्येक वर्ष 1 अक्टूबर को मनाया जाता है।

2. Assam Government has launched Wage Compensation Scheme for Pregnant Women in tea gardens of the state.

असम सरकार ने राज्य के चाय बागानों में गर्भवती महिलाओं के लिए मजदूरी क्षतिपूर्ति योजना शुरू की है।

3. SBI cuts daily ATM cash withdrawal limit to Rs 20,000 effective from Oct 31.

एसबीआई दैनिक एटीएम नकदी निकासी सीमा 31 अक्टूबर से 20,000 रुपये कर दी है।

4. Yuvraj Wadhwani has won the 25th Asian junior individual squash championship title.

युवराज वाधवानी ने 25 वां एशियाई जूनियर इंडिविजुअल स्क्वैश चैंपियनशिप खिताब जीता है।

5. Manu Bhaker has been named as the flag-bearer of the Indian contingent for the third Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

मनु भाकर को अर्जेंटीना के ब्यूनस आयर्स में आयोजित होने वाले तीसरे युवा ओलंपिक खेलों के लिए भारतीय दल के ध्वज-वाहक के रूप में नामित किया गया है ।

6. Central Information Commission (CIC) has ruled that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is covered under the RTI Act.

केंद्रीय सूचना आयोग (सीआईसी) ने फैसला दिया है कि भारतीय क्रिकेट कंट्रोल बोर्ड (बीसीसीआई) आरटीआई अधिनियम के तहत कवर किया गया है।

7. Canada's parliament has voted unanimously to effectively strip Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi of her honorary Canadian citizenship over the Rohingya crisis.

म्यामां में रोहिंग्या मुसलमानों पर किये गये अत्याचारों में भागीदारी के लिए कनाडा की संसद ने आंग सान सू ची की कनाडा की मानद नागरिकता औपचारिक रूप से वापस ले ली।

8. 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated in America.

अमेरिका में महात्मा गांधी की 150 वीं जयंती मनाई गयी।

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Vocab 3 October

BRACE (VERB): fortify:(बन्धनी)

Synonyms: gird, prepare

Antonyms: free, let go

Example sentence:

The posts were braced by timber.

2. TURGID (ADJECTIVE): swollen:(सूजा हुआ)

Synonyms: bloated, disintended

Antonyms: plain, simple

Example sentence:

A turgid river was ahead his way.

3. TROVE (NOUN): accretion:(जमाव)

Synonyms: aggregation, agglomeration

Antonyms: subtraction, dispersal

Example sentence:

I saw the cellar contained a trove of rare wine.

4. TURBID (ADJECTIVE): dense:(गंदा)

Synonyms: muddy, murky

Antonyms: clear, neat

Example sentence:

It was a turbid weather.

5. TWINGE (NOUN): sharp pain:(टीस)

Synonyms: ache, pang

Antonyms: advantage, blessing

Example sentence:

I was feeling twinge in my heels.

6. TAWDRY (ADJECTIVE): tacky:(घटिया)

Synonyms: cheap, sleazy

Antonyms: nice, tasteful

Example sentence:

His house was in a tawdry location.

7. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): urgent:(डरावना)

Synonyms: drastic, extreme

Antonyms: calm, mild

Example sentence:

The dire need is there to save water.

8. SAVVY (ADJECTIVE): calculating: (जानकार)

Synonyms: cunning, impeachable

Antonyms: blameless, innocent

Example sentence:

Why are you being so savvy?

9. CULPABLE (ADJECTIVE): guilty: (आपराधिक)

Synonyms: liable, cosset

Antonyms: upset, hurt

Example sentence:

He is a culpable minister.

10. CONCOMITANT (ADJECTIVE): contributing:(सहगामी)

Synonyms: adjuvant, coefficient

Antonyms: unrelated, accidental

Example sentence:

She loved mountaineering, with all its concomitant worries.

Vocab 2 October

UPHILL (ADJECTIVE): difficult:(कठिन)

Synonyms: tough, unimaginable

Antonyms: banal, mundane

Example Sentence:

The article had a glorious description regarding the uphill task done by the army.

2. DROUGHT (NOUN): scarcity: (अकाल)

Synonyms: shrink, depletion

Antonyms: plentiful, lavish

Example Sentence:

They criticized leaders who were responsible for the financial drought faced by the nation.

3. PLEA (NOUN): request: (तर्क)

Synonyms: pray, appeal

Antonyms: order, instruct

Example Sentence:

The doctor’s plea for silence went unheard, resulting in extreme discomfort to the patient.

4. ARREST (VERB): take in custody: (गिरफ्तार करना)

Synonyms: abstain, detain

Antonyms: liberate, emancipate

Example Sentence:

The judge will seek reasons for the arrest without a legal warrant.

5. CONFLICT (VERB): fight: (लड़ना)

Synonyms: brawl, scuffle

Antonyms: serene, peace

Example Sentence:

They have conflicted again and again.

6. RIFT (NOUN): division: (मनमुटाव)

Synonyms: gap, difference

Antonyms: bridge, joint

Example Sentence:

The opposition and the government seemed to be focused on removing the rift between them.

7. FORTHCOMING (ADJECTIVE): coming in future: (आगामी)

Synonyms: new, futuristic

Antonyms: obsolete, outdated

Example Sentence:

Ever since I was of tender age, I have trained for forthcoming technical enhancements.

8. BORROW (VERB): to take by request: (ऋण लेना)

Synonyms: loan, beg

Antonyms: snatch, rob

Example Sentence:

The new economic freedom has enabled people to borrow less and spend more.

9. CRISIS (NOUN): problem: (संकट-स्थिति)

Synonyms: mayhem, doom

Antonyms: prosperity, harmony

Example Sentence:

The writer’s crisis lies in the depiction of negative characters in a positive way and vice versa.

10. JUMBLE (VERB): disturb: (गड़बड़ करना)

Synonyms: disturb, disorganize

Antonyms: organize, arrange

Example Sentence:

All of us can jumble up our lives but many few of us can arrange it properly.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Vocab 1 October

CIRCUMSPECT (ADJECTIVE): cautious: (सतर्क)

Synonyms: careful, prudent

Antonyms: careless, unwise

Example Sentence:

Circumspect doctors avoid recommending wrong medicines to their patients.

2. FLUKE (NOUN): chance of occurrence: (अनायास सफलता)

Synonyms: blessing, quirk

Antonyms: misfortune, certainty

Example Sentence:

Their victory was a bit of a fluke.

3. INSURMOUNTABLE (ADJECTIVE): impossible: (अजेय)

Synonyms: unbeatable, invincible

Antonyms: attainable, defeatable

Example Sentence:

It is an unsurmountable task to get any high degree without studying for it.
4. INTRICATE (ADJECTIVE): very complicated or detailed: (कठिन)

Synonyms: complex, difficult

Antonyms: easy, straightforward

Example Sentence:

Biology is considered as an intricate subject.
5. RANCOUR (NOUN): bitterness, hatefulness: (द्वेष)

Synonyms: animosity, hostility

Antonyms: friendliness, kindness

Example Sentence:

Although my friend betrayed me, I have no rancour towards him.

6. EVINCE (VERB): to show, reveal: (दिखाना)

Synonyms: manifest, demonstrate

Antonyms: conceal, hide

Example Sentence:

His nail biting evinced that he was nervous for the interview.

7. EXPIATE (VERB): to rectify: (क्षतिपूर्ति करना)

Synonyms: amend, correct

Antonyms: worsen, destroy

Example Sentence:

It is better to expiate your mistakes than to find excuses.

8. METTLESOME (ADJECTIVE): brave: (साहसी)

Synonyms: courageous, high-spirited

Antonyms: meek, fearful

Example Sentence:

Amit is a mettlesome boy.

9. SANGUINE (ADJECTIVE): optimistic and confident: (आशावादी)

Synonyms: happy, cheerful

Antonyms: morose, sad

Example Sentence:

The sanguine lady started her new business.

10. DEMUR (VERB): disagree: (आपत्ति करना)

Synonyms: vacillate, oppose

Antonyms: accept, agree

Example Sentence:

There were certain reasons to demur the proposal.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Vocab 30 September

CANDOR (NOUN): (निष्कपटता): complete honesty

Synonyms: directness, fairness

Antonyms: dishonesty, unfairness

Example Sentence:

Lisa has done her task with complete candor.

2. DEVIOUS (ADJECTIVE): (कपटपूर्ण): deceitful

Synonyms: duplicitous, insidious

Antonyms: honest, forthright

Example Sentence:

Rohit plays a devious character.

3. DISENTOMB (VERB): (अन्वेषण करना): disclose

Synonyms: resurrect, unearth

Antonyms: entomb, bury

Example Sentence:

They disentombed the matter.

4. DEFALCATION (NOUN): (कमज़ोरी): default

Synonyms: disaster, failure

Antonyms: accomplishment, achievement

Example Sentence:

Imran made defalcation in funds.

5. DEBILITY (NOUN): decrepitude

Synonyms: enervation, enfeeblement

Antonyms: soundness, healthiness

Example Sentence:

Even though she beat cancer, she still dealt with debility from her battle.

6. DISPARATE (ADJECTIVE): (पृथक्): contrasting

Synonyms: discordant, diverse

Antonyms: agreeing, alike

Example Sentence:

Avni made disparate arguments.

7. CANARD (NOUN): (झूठी अफवाह): fabrication

Synonyms: exaggeration, lie

Antonyms: truth, reality

Example Sentence:

Her statement was full of canard.

8. DOYEN (NOUN): (दल के उच्च सदस्य):legislator

Synonyms: principal, authority

Antonyms: pupil, student

Example Sentence:

Amit is a doyen of this organisation.

9. CESSATION (NOUN): (‎समाप्ति, विराम): abeyance

Synonyms: breather, discontinuance

Antonyms: activity, continuity

Example Sentence:

Since the bad weather has caused a temporary building cessation, the office building will not be completed on time.

10. BRIGAND (NOUN): (डाकू): hoodlum

Synonyms: bandit, desperado

Antonyms: law, police

Example Sentence:

Anshul is a brigand.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Vocab 29 September

VIBRANT (ADJECTIVE): energetic : (जोशपूर्ण)

Synonyms: spirited, virile

Antonyms: dispirited, lethargic

Example Sentence:

The rich merchants are a part of a vibrant economy.

2. UNFEIGNED (ADJECTIVE): original: (अकृत्रिम)

Synonyms: genuine, real

Antonyms: pretended, counterfeit

Example Sentence:

The reality show was completely unfeigned and free of scripted fights.

3. ADUMBRATE (VERB): foreshadow: (पूर्वाभास देना)

Synonyms: outline, darken

Antonym: illuminate, light up

Example Sentence:

The setting sun adumbrates the bridge to create a scenic view.

4. BUNGLE (VERB): mess up: (घपला)

Synonyms: blunder, mismanage

Antonyms: manage, fix

Example Sentence:

He was fired as he could bungle the simplest of tasks given to him.

5. FUGITIVE (ADJECTIVE): person escaping law: (भगोड़ा)

Synonyms: escapee, outlaw

Antonyms: enduring, confronting

Example Sentence:

The fugitive don rarely left his cabin to avoid any social contact.

6. CAUCUS (NOUN): group gathered to make decisions: (दल)

Synonyms: gathering, convention

Antonym: individual, one

Example Sentence:

The legislative caucus had a long discussion over the new bill.

7. CHASM (NOUN): gap: (गहरी खाई)

Synonyms: crater, rift

Antonyms: closure, juncture

Example Sentence:

The chasm between the rich and poor has grown wider over the last decade.

8. TIRADE (NOUN): abuse: (आक्षेप)

Synonyms: ranting, denunciation

Antonyms: praise, complement

Example Sentence:

The employee launched a tirade when fired from his job.

9. TUMULT (NOUN): chaos: (कोलाहल)

Synonyms: commotion, agitation

Antonyms: harmony, peace

Example sentence:

The petrol prices are rising due to the political tumult in the gulf countries

10. RAUCOUS (ADJECTIVE): noisy : (उग्र)

Synonyms: discordant, loud

Antonyms: mild, quiet

Example Sentence:

Her birthday parties were raucous but fun.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Vocab 28 September

ALLAY (VERB): pacify: (शान्त करना)

Synonyms: lighten, assuage

Antonyms: heighten, agitate

Example Sentence:

A good teacher works hard to allay the concerns of all the students in his class.

2. ABJURE (VERB): forsake: (त्यागना)

Synonyms: renounce, disapprove

Antonyms: approve, sanction

Example Sentence:

Martha has chosen to abjure her favourite dessert, while on her diet.

3. FALLACY (NOUN): mistake: (धोखा)

Synonyms: delusion, deception

Antonyms: veracity, truth

Example Sentence:

It is a fallacy that all poor people are uneducated.

4. LASSITUDE (NOUN): tiredness: (थकान)

Synonyms: languor, weariness

Antonyms: vivacity, agility

Example Sentence:

After finishing his exercise routine, Daniel conquered his lassitude by drinking an energy drink

5. GUILE (NOUN): cunningness: (धूर्तता)

Synonyms: deceit, slyness

Antonyms: honesty, truthfulness

Example Sentence:

The richest man of our city has used all his money and guile to get into politics.

6. HAGGARD (ADJECTIVE): exhausted: (मरियल)

Synonyms: gaunt, emaciated

Antonyms: exuberant, active

Example Sentence:

From John’s haggard appearance, it was obvious that he had way too many drinks last night.

7. INSINUATE (VERB): force one’s way into: (दिल में जगह करना)

Synonyms: instil, infuse

Antonyms: conceal, suppress

Example Sentence:

Longing to be popular, she made several attempts to insinuate herself into the crowd of popular kids.

8. SOLITUDE (NOUN): aloneness: (एकांत)

Synonyms: isolation, seclusion

Antonyms: togetherness, companionship

Example Sentence:

A bit of solitude is often all you need to clear your head and rethink your approach.

9. FOE (NOUN): opponent: (विरोधी)

Synonyms: adversary, antagonist.

Antonyms: friend, comrade

Example Sentence:

Although they used to be close friends, it ended when Myra befriended his political foe.

10. CONSPICUOUS (ADJECTIVE): distinguished: (विख्यात)

Synonyms: prominent, obvious

Antonyms: unapparent, obscure

Example Sentence:

Performing well in studies will make you conspicuous among the other students.

Vocab 27 September

PAINSTAKING (ADJECTIVE): thorough: (बहुत ही सावधानीपूर्वक किया गया)
Synonyms: strenuous, diligent
Antonyms: lethargic, unscrupulous
Example Sentence:
Our institute makes painstaking efforts for our success.

2. FORGE (VERB): counterfeit: (नकली बनाना)
Synonyms: fabricate, falsify
Antonyms: invent, produce
Example Sentence:
They forged the signatures of all the directors and are now in jail.

3. DRIVE (NOUN): campaign for cause: (आंदोलन)
Synonyms: crusade, initiative
Antonyms: idleness, inactivity
Example Sentence:
They are sponsoring the drive for driving safely and following the traffic rules.

4. MINGLE (VERB): join: (घुलना मिलना)
Synonyms: blend, intermix
Antonyms: disjoin, unmix
Example Sentence:
We need to mingle in order to work properly.

5. OFFSET (VERB): balance: (बराबर कर देना)
Synonyms: equalize, neutralize
Antonyms: disturb, disproportion
Example Sentence:
His speech offset the disturbances caused earlier.

6. TIP-OFF (NOUN): hint: (संकेत)
Synonyms: prompt, suggestion
Antonyms: ignorance, carelessness
Example Sentence:
We have come across a tip-off from the Pakistanis regarding terror activities.

7. DIVERT (VERB): turn in a different directions: (राह से परे हटाना)
Synonyms: deflect, alter
Antonyms: maintain, straighten
Example Sentence:
We need to divert their attention towards the actual issues.

8. DAWN (NOUN): beginning of the day: (उषा-काल)
Synonyms: daybreak, aurora
Antonyms: darkness, sundown
Example Sentence:
We need to wake up before dawn and get started with our day.

9. SUBSIDY (NOUN): money given to help another: (आर्थिक सहायता)
Synonyms: bonus, financial aid
Antonyms: forfeit, theft
Example Sentence:
The subsidy for the poor is being stolen by greedy and wealthy politicians.

10. APPEAL (NOUN): request for help: (निवेदन)
Synonyms: petition, proposal
Antonyms: disclaimer, revocation
Example Sentence:
They have appealed against the judgment given by the Honorable High Court.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Vocab 26 September

EAGERNESS (NOUN): enthusiasm: (उत्सुकता)

Synonyms: longing, yearning

Antonyms: apathy, reluctance

Example Sentence:

His eagerness for fame can be seen in his actions.

2. ARDUOUS (ADJECTIVE): difficult: (कठिन)

Synonyms: onerous, uphill

Antonyms: effortless, pleasant

Example Sentence:

The arduous task was completed on time.

3. FANATIC (NOUN): an overenthusiastic person: (उन्मादी)

Synonyms: bigot, radical

Antonym: liberal, moderate

Example Sentence:

The fanatics are disliked by everyone.

4. PINNACLE (NOUN): top: (परमोत्कर्ष)

Synonyms: apex, zenith

Antonyms: nadir, base

Example Sentence:

They reached the pinnacle of their career honestly.

5. DETRIMENT (NOUN): disadvantage: (अहित)

Synonyms: liability, drawback

Antonyms: boon, gain

Example Sentence:

They faced many detriments while achieving their goal.

6. ZEST (NOUN): spicing: (स्वाद)

Synonyms: seasoning, flavoring

Antonym: indifference, lethargy

Example Sentence:

A bit of zest is important in life.

7. WAYWARD (ADJECTIVE): contrary: (स्वेच्छाचारी)

Synonyms: delinquent, capricious

Antonyms: compliant, obedient

Example Sentence:

The wayward points in the case made him lose it.

8. GAPE (VERB): stare: (मुँह बाये देखना)

Synonyms: glare, ogle

Antonyms: ignore, overlook

Example Sentence:

Many people gape in anger.

9. PINE (VERB): long for: (लालायित होना)

Synonyms: crave, hanker

Antonyms: dislike, despise

Example sentence:

They pined for a lot money and ended up in jail.

10. MUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): quietened: (अवरुद्ध)

Synonyms: silenced, subdued

Antonyms: encouraged, promoted

Example Sentence:

He muffled the noise with his roar.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Vocab 25 September

ENAMOURED (VERB): delighted by:(प्रेममत्त)

Synonyms: enchanted, fascinated

Antonyms: hated, disliked

Example Sentence:

My brother is so enamored with cricket that he doesn’t miss a single match.

2. ESCAPADE (NOUN): usually a light hearted adventure:(शरारत)

Synonyms: mischief, vagary

Antonyms: seriousness, gravity

Example Sentence:

The teen’s little escapade at the club earned him 6 months imprisonment.

3. EMINENT (ADJECTIVE): remarkable:(अग्रगण्य)

Synonyms: esteemed, famed

Antonym: insignificant, unremarkable

Example Sentence:

Big B is one of the most eminent stars of Indian cinema.

4. EMULATE (VERB): copy:(अनुकरण करना)

Synonyms: imitate, mimic

Antonyms: differ, oppose

Example Sentence:

The kids emulated the characters very nicely in the play.

5. ENDEAR (VERB): attract attention:(प्रिय बनाना)

Synonyms: captivate, charm

Antonyms: disconnect, repulse

Example Sentence:

If you want to endear my son, bring him chocolates.

6. FETTER (VERB): tie up:(रोक लगाना)

Synonym: confine, hamper

Antonym: free, liberate

Example Sentence:

Recession fettered the company from any further investments.

7. FIGURATIVE (ADJECTIVE): indirect:(रूपवत)

Synonyms: metaphorical, allegorical

Antonyms: literal, straight forward

Example Sentence:

The kids could not understand the figurative speech by the orator.

8. FLAGRANT (ADJECTIVE): blatant:(कुप्रसिद्ध)

Synonyms: bold, outrageous

Antonyms: fabulous, amazing

Example Sentence:

The flagrant attack of 26/11 shook the nation to its core.

9. FORAY (NOUN): an attack:(आक्रमण करना)

Synonyms: pursuit, assault

Antonyms: regroup, retreat

Example sentence:

The troops made a surprise foray and broke the backbone of the enemy.

10. FACTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): causing conflicts:(कलहप्रिय)

Synonyms: warring , divisive

Antonyms: agreeing, congruent

Example Sentence:

The factitious boss turned the employees against one other.

Vocab 24 September

REPLEVIN (NOUN): case brought to court: (प्रत्याप्ति)

Synonyms: accusation, dispute

Antonyms: exculpation, relaxation

Example Sentence:

Another action is replevin which is used to recover specific goods.

2. TRITE (ADJECTIVE): silly, commonplace: (घिसा-पिटा)

Synonyms: banal, dull

Antonyms: desirable, impressive

Example Sentence:

It is a trite remark that diamonds can be polished only by diamond dust.

3. TRANSPIRE (VERB): occur, happen: (होना)

Synonyms: arise, chance

Antonyms: cause, stop

Example Sentence:

What they thought—which might have been interesting—did not transpire.

4. PINNACLE (NOUN): top, crest: (शिखर)

Synonyms: apex, peak

Antonyms: bottom, base

Example Sentence:

They look down on him as from the pinnacle of the sublimest elevation.

5. TOPPLE (VERB): fall or knock over; overthrow: (गिर जाना)

Synonyms: collapse, overturn

Antonyms: hold, place

Example Sentence:

There was nothing to fling down upon him––no loose rock or stone to topple over and crush him.

6. FEND (VERB): defend: (बचाना)

Synonyms: oppose, cover

Antonyms: disregard, face

Example Sentence:

There were six of them, and after the death of her husband she had to fend for all.

7. DEFLECT (VERB): bounce off; turn aside: (मोड़ना)

Synonyms: avert, bend

Antonyms: stay, straighten

Example Sentence:

His inductive electrical machine could deflect a magnet and decompose iodide of

8. DEFECTOR (NOUN): traitor: (दलबदलू)

Synonyms: turncoat, betrayer

Antonyms: loyalist, supporter

Example Sentence:

But when the news broke, she didn't want to be involved with anyone who had a son as a defector, so she asked me to leave.

9. OBDURATE (ADJECTIVE): pigheaded, stubborn: (जिद्दी)

Synonyms: adamant, dogged

Antonyms: submissive, gentle

Example Sentence:

It happened because of massive and obdurate resistance to reasonable change.

10. QUALMISH (ADJECTIVE): not feeling well; not comfortable: (कष्टमय)

Synonyms: uneasy, sickly

Antonyms: content, healthy

Example Sentence:

He could not think, but only felt that he was extremely uncomfortable and qualmish.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Vocab 23 September

MAGNANIMITY (NOUN): generosity: (दरियादिली)

Synonyms: chivalry, philanthropy

Antonyms: meanness, selfishness

Example Sentence:

Mukesh is known for his magnanimity.

2. ADDUCE (VERB): cite as evidence: (उल्लेख करना)

Synonyms: affirm, prove

Antonyms: obscure, hide

Example Sentence:

Since the lawyer couldn’t adduce his point, the judge didn’t believe his hypothesis.

3. TOUT (VERB): show off: (शेखी बघारना)

Synonyms: proclaim, publicize

Antonyms: conceal condemn

Example Sentence:

Mohini touts her wealth and position.

4. GELID (ADJECTIVE): freezing: (हिम-शीत)

Synonyms: chilling, arctic

Antonym: warm, tepid

Example Sentence:

The room of the hotel was Gelid and dark while it was a scorching heat outside.

5. GAOL (VERB): imprison: (बन्दी करना)

Synonyms: jail, confine

Antonyms: free, emancipate

Example Sentence:

The place where criminals were gaoled, now contains a huge restaurant in it.

6. MASCOT (NOUN): lucky charm: (शुभंकर)

Synonyms: amulet, talisman

Antonyms: repulsion, unlucky

Example Sentence:

Parinishtha is the best mascot our college has ever had.

7. LAIR (NOUN): cave: (गुफा)

Synonyms: habitat, hideaway

Antonyms: unveil, display

Example Sentence:

A huge polar bear slumbered peacefully in its lair.

8. MOOT (ADJECTIVE): doubtful: (विवादास्पद)

Synonyms: controversial, dubious

Antonyms: certain, definite

Example Sentence:

Peter’s case accusations over the property were considered moot.

9. SLOVENLY (ADJECTIVE): messy: (लापरवाह)

Synonyms: disordered, disheveled

Antonyms: organized, clean

Example Sentence:

Once its slovenly clothes were washed, the dog looked quite adorable.

10. PANTHEIST (NOUN): person who does not believe in an orthodox religion: (सर्वेश्वरवादी)

Synonyms: agnostic, atheist

Antonyms: believer, follower

Example Sentence:

He has been a pantheist fellow since college days.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Vocab 22 September

OUTNUMBERED (NOUN): be more numerous than: (अधिक संख्या)

Synonyms: majority, many

Antonyms: few, less

Example Sentence:

My team was outnumbered in front of the enemy.

2. VAGARY (NOUN): usually a light hearted adventure: (मौज)

Synonyms: mischief, escapade

Antonyms: seriousness, gravity

Example Sentence:

The little vagary at the club earned him 6 months imprisonment.

3. AUGMENTATION (NOUN): small step towards gain: (वृद्धि)

Synonyms: accession, accretion

Antonym: subtraction, shrinkage

Example Sentence:

He was given an increment towards success.

4. IMITATE (VERB): copy: (अनुकरण करना)

Synonyms: emulate, mimic

Antonyms: differ, oppose

Example Sentence:

The kids imitated him very nicely.

5. INTERVENE (VERB): disrupt :(हस्तक्षेप करना)

Synonyms: interpose, meddle

Antonyms: connect, combine

Example Sentence:

They intervened to stop the scuffle.

6. WAYLAY (VERB): ambush : (घात में बैठना)

Synonym: ambuscade, accost

Antonym: allow, forward

Example Sentence:

He waylaid the terrorists and killed them all.

7. COMPLICIT (ADJECTIVE): associated with unethical activity: (मिलीभगत)

Synonyms: conniving, deceitful

Antonyms: forthright, naïve

Example Sentence:

The complicit men committed the crime.

8. OUTRAGEOUS (ADJECTIVE): blatant: (अपमानजनक)

Synonyms: bold, flagrant

Antonyms: fabulous, amazing

Example Sentence:

The outrageous attack shook the nation to its core.

9. ADVERSARY (NOUN): opponent :(प्रतिवादी)

Synonyms: antagonist, rival

Antonyms: ally, helpmate

Example sentence:

He was an adversary.

10. DIVISIVE (ADJECTIVE): causing conflicts :(बांटनेवाला)

Synonyms: warring

Antonyms: agreeing, congruent

Example Sentence:

The divisive boss turned the employees against one other.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Vocab 21 september

REVELRY (NOUN): merrymaking: (आनंदोत्सव)

Synonyms: festivity, celebration

Antonyms: mourning, sadness

Example Sentence:

I called the police when my neighbours refused to settle down and end their revelry.

2. RUSE (NOUN): trick, deception :(धोखा)

Synonyms: gimmick, ploy

Antonyms: honesty, openness

Example Sentence:

It was a ruse to bring him there.

3. SIMPLETON (NOUN): fool: (मूर्ख)

Synonyms: buffoon, jerk

Antonyms: brain, genius

Example Sentence:

He is a simpleton boy and tries to make everybody around him laugh.

4. LIBIDINOUS (ADJECTIVE): lustful: (कामुक)

Synonyms: sensual, lascivious

Antonyms: moral, decent

Example Sentence:

The child should be kept away from libidinous movies.

5. CLANNISH (ADJECTIVE): exclusive: (औपचारिक)

Synonyms: selected, reserved

Antonyms: welcoming, open

Example Sentence:

Celebrities believe in wearing clannish dresses.

6. SATANIC (ADJECTIVE): demonic :(शैतान)

Synonyms: cruel, maniacal

Antonyms: angelic, good

Example Sentence:

His father’s satanic remark stung deeply and brought the boy to tears.

7. TITULAR (ADJECTIVE): having a title: (नाममात्र का)

Synonyms: nominal, so-called

Antonyms: actual, real

Example Sentence:

He always refused any titular distinction; but he was credited by many.

8. SPECKLE (ADJECTIVE): dotted: (कलंक)

Synonyms: flecked, mottled

Antonyms: plain, simple

Example Sentence:

The valley was speckled with flowers.

9. BEFOUL (VERB): contaminate: (मैला करना)

Synonyms: dirty, malign

Antonyms: cleanse, purify

Example Sentence:

The kids befouled their hands by playing in the garden.

10. FLURRY (NOUN): commotion:(घबराहट)

Synonyms: turmoil, outbreak

Antonyms: calm, peace

Example Sentence:

During weekends the street markets are in a state of flurry.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Vocab 20 September

CONSORT (NOUN): concomitant :(संगी)

Synonyms: companion, mate

Antonyms: enemy, adversary

Example Sentence:

He is my true consort.

2. DEARY (NOUN): dear :(प्रिय)

Synonyms: darling, sweetheart

Antonyms: opponent, foe

Example Sentence:

She is so deary.

3. EXCURSION (VERB): cruise :(भ्रमण)

Synonyms: expedition, jaunt

Antonyms: halt, stop

Example Sentence:

Our island excursion of Honduras was filled with touring the landmarks.

4. CREDENCE (NOUN): acceptance :(स्वीकृति)

Synonyms: assurance, certainty

Antonyms: denial, disbelief

Example Sentence:

If a person wants to give credence to his business, he should develop a company website.

5. WHIP (VERB): bash :(पीटना)

Synonyms: beat, lash

Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example Sentence:

He was whipped badly.

6. CONTINUAL (ADJECTIVE): ceaseless :(लगातार)

Synonyms: continuous, enduring

Antonyms: finished, end

Example Sentence:

Your words are the source of continual inspiration.

7. FOLKSY (ADJECTIVE): casual :(मिलनसार)

Synonyms: homey, informal

Antonyms: formal, cold

Example Sentence:

Anuradha is a folksy fellow.

8. CRAVING (NOUN): strong desire :(तृष्णा)

Synonyms: appetite, hankering

Antonyms: disgust, dislike

Example Sentence:

His mind is full of unpleasant, unsatisfied craving.

9. CREAK (VERB): squeak :(चरमराना)

Synonyms: groan, screech

Antonyms: mumble, whisper

Example Sentence:

There was a loud creak in the corridor.

10. QUIRK (NOUN): eccentricity :(पागलपन)

Synonyms: oddity, foible

Antonyms: normality, inability

Example Sentence:

Wearing only pink socks is Gayatri’s oddest quirk.

Vocab 19 september

DEFALCATION (NOUN): default :(गबन)

Synonyms: disaster, failure

Antonyms: accomplishment, achievement

Example Sentence:

Ravi made defalcation in funds.

2. DEBILITY (NOUN): decrepitude :(दुर्बलता)

Synonyms: enervation, enfeeblement

Antonyms: soundness, healthiness

Example Sentence:

Even though she beat cancer, she still dealt with debility from her battle.

3. DISPARATE (ADJECTIVE): contrasting :(भिन्न)

Synonyms: discordant, diverse

Antonyms: agreeing, alike

Example Sentence:

Anamika made disparate arguments.

4. DOYEN (NOUN): legislator :(वरिष्ठ एवं प्रतिष्ठित सदस्य)

Synonyms: principal, authority

Antonyms: pupil, student

Example Sentence:

Anu is a doyen of this organisation.

5. DEVIOUS (ADJECTIVE): deceitful :(कपटी)

Synonyms: duplicitous, insidious

Antonyms: honest, forthright

Example Sentence:

He plays a devious character.

6. DISENTOMB (VERB): disclose :(अन्वेषण करना)

Synonyms: resurrect, unearth

Antonyms: entomb, bury

Example Sentence:

They disentombed the matter.

7. CANARD (NOUN): fabrication :(झूठी अफ़वाह)

Synonyms: exaggeration, lie

Antonyms: truth, reality

Example Sentence:

Her statement was full of canard.

8. CANDOR (NOUN): complete honesty :(निष्कपटता)

Synonyms: directness, fairness

Antonyms: dishonesty, unfairness

Example Sentence:

She has done her task with complete candor.

9. CESSATION (NOUN): abeyance :(ठहराव)

Synonyms: breather, discontinuance

Antonyms: activity, continuity

Example Sentence:

Since the bad weather has caused a temporary building cessation, the office building will not be completed on time.

10. BRIGAND (NOUN): hoodlum :(बटमार)

Synonyms: bandit, desperado

Antonyms: law, police

Example Sentence:

He is a brigand.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Vocab 18 september

PONTIFICATE (VERB): sermonize :(धार्मिक शिक्षा देना)

Synonyms: preach, dogmatize

Antonyms: praise, applaud

Example Sentence:

He loves to hear himself talk and will often pontificate on even the most trivial issues.

2. FALLACY (NOUN): illusion :(भ्रम)

Synonyms: deception, falsehood

Antonyms: honesty, reality

Example Sentence:

The notion that the camera never lies is a fallacy.

3. DISTEMPER (NOUN): disorder :(विकार)

Synonyms: affliction, ailment

Antonyms: health, healer

Example Sentence:

Excessive distemper should not be practiced.

4. TINTINNABULATION (NOUN): loud ringing :(घंटे की खनखनाहट)

Synonyms: chime, jingle

Antonyms: silence, peace

Example Sentence:

The tintinnabulation that could be heard throughout the village was from the church on the common announcing morning services.

5. SEPTENTRIONAL (ADVERB): polar :(ध्रुव के समीप का)

Synonyms: northward, arctic

Antonyms: southward, Antarctic

Example Sentence:

When he tired of the long, septentrional winters of New England, Grandfather retired to Florida.

6. PANGLOSSIAN (ADJECTIVE): optimistic :(आशावादी)

Synonyms: assured, confident

Antonyms: pessimistic, uncertain

Example Sentence:

This is simply a Panglossian idea.

7. ANABASIS (NOUN): forward movement :(प्रगति)

Synonyms: advance, progress

Antonyms: hinder, backward

Example Sentence:

Reluctantly, the general ordered a hasty anabasis in the face of overwhelming opposing forces.

8. CAITIFF (NOUN): coward :(कायर)

Synonyms: scoundrel, louse

Antonyms: brave, bold

Example Sentence:

A woman was killed by a caitiff.

9. CRENEL (NOUN): scrape :(परिमार्जन)

Synonyms: indentation, incision

Antonyms: increase, bulge

Example Sentence:

Leaning into a crenel between two square merlons, he took a deep breath of relief.

10. FLAPDOODLE (ADJECTIVE): ridiculous situation or behaviour :(वाहियात)

Synonyms: craziness, foolishness

Antonyms: intelligence, judgement

Example Sentence:

You're the last man I ever expected to hear that kind of flapdoodle from.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Vocab 17 september

JOCULAR (ADJECTIVE): funny: (मज़ाकिया)

Synonyms: humorous, playful

Antonyms: gloomy, sad

Example Sentence:

I made a jocular statement at the party.

2. KIBBLE (VERB): crush :(टुकड़े टुकड़े करना)

Synonyms: crumble, grate

Antonyms: build, liberate

Example Sentence:

I kibbled red black pepper and cheese in my dish.

3. MUSTER (NOUN): assembly: (संग्रह)

Synonyms: gathering, roster

Antonyms: division, separation

Example Sentence:

They mustered at the playground.

4. EFFETE (ADJECTIVE): self-indulgent: (निर्बल)

Synonyms: spoilt, destroyed

Antonyms: disciplined, proper

Example Sentence:

He is an effete kid.

5. CORDIAL (ADJECTIVE): warm-hearted: (स्नेहपूर्ण)

Synonyms: affable, friendly

Antonyms: hostile, indifferent

Example Sentence:

If you treat people in a cordial manner, they will treat you well also.

6. PRECIPICE (NOUN): steep: (ढाल)

Synonyms: cliff, crag

Antonyms: plain, straight

Example Sentence:

There was a deep precipice along the road.

7. JIBE (VERB): to agree: (मेल खाना)

Synonyms: harmonize, conform

Antonyms: disagree, differ

Example Sentence:

I do not jibe with his idea.

8. TUTELARY (ADJECTIVE): protecting: (रक्षक)

Synonyms: Guardian, advisory

Antonyms: careless, inattentive

Example Sentence:

He was acting as a tutelary brother for me that day.

9. JOSTLE (VERB): to compete for something: (धकेलना)

Synonyms: struggle, tussle

Antonyms: harmonize, co-ordinate

Example Sentence:

He was jostling to clinch the title.

10. SPLOSH (VERB): sprinkle: (छिड़का हुआ पानी)

Synonyms: splash, moisten

Antonyms: collocate, cluster

Example Sentence:

She sploshed water over the plants.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Vocab 16 september

SOLILOQUY (NOUN): discourse :(स्वगत भाषण)

Synonyms: monologue, address

Antonyms: dialogue, discussion

Example Sentence:

Preparing for his soliloquy, Shakespeare paced back and forth reading his monologue lines aloud.

2. KNOTTY (ADJECTIVE): troublesome

Synonyms: mystifying, perplexing

Antonyms: easy, facile

Example Sentence:

It was his knotty idea.

3. KNAVE (NOUN): fraud :(दुष्ट)

Synonyms: miscreant, rogue

Antonyms: hero, angel

Example Sentence:

He is known as a notorious knave of this area.

4. LUDICROUS (ADJECTIVE): absurd :(हास्यास्पद)

Synonyms: bizarre, comical

Antonyms: normal, ordinary

Example Sentence:

It was a ludicrous statement made by her.

5. KUDOS (NOUN): praise :(यश)

Synonyms: esteem, applause

Antonyms: dishonour, denunciation

Example Sentence:

When the football team won the state championship, they were given kudos during a celebratory pep rally.

6. JOLT (VERB): convulse :(झटका देना)

Synonyms: disturb, jar

Antonyms: calm, comfort

Example Sentence:

His statement jolted me in my mind.

7. VERBOSE (ADJECTIVE): wordy :(वाचाल)

Synonyms: gabby, circumlocutory

Antonyms: concise, succinct

Example Sentence:

He is a verbose man.

8. HERETIC (NOUN): schismatic :(स्वधर्मभ्रष्ट)

Synonyms: apostate, pagan

Antonyms: believer, follower

Example Sentence:

As a relapsed heretic, he was left to the secular arm.

9. COVERT (ADJECTIVE): hidden :(गुप्त)

Synonyms: undercover, secret

Antonyms: above-board, known

Example Sentence:

Behind his soft behaviour he has some covert intentions.

10. DEFILE (VERB): corrupt:(दूषित करना)

Synonyms: degrade, desecrate

Antonyms: honour, praise

Example Sentence:

He tried to defile the system.

Vocab 15 september

BUTLER (NOUN): head servant :(ख़ानसामा)

Synonyms: steward, valet

Antonyms: boss, master

Example Sentence:

He is a nice butler.

2. APPARENTLY (ADVERB): obviously :(स्पष्ट रूप से)

Synonyms: ostensibly, possibly

Antonyms: improbably, unlikely

Example Sentence:

It was apparently a considerable remark.

3. ACTUALIZE (VERB): make real :(यथार्थ बनाना)

Synonyms: accomplish, produce

Antonyms: fail, fall

Example Sentence:

Avika had actualized his dream and achieved the world record.

4. BARREN (ADJECTIVE): arid :(अनुर्वर)

Synonyms: desolate, empty

Antonyms: fruitful, productive

Example Sentence:

It is a barren land.

5. NIMBLE (ADJECTIVE): adept :(कुशल)

Synonyms: agile, deft

Antonyms: clumsy, sluggish

Example Sentence:

The insect ran with its nimble wings.

6. BENEVOLENT (ADJECTIVE): benign :(उदार)

Synonyms: caring, generous

Antonyms: miserly, stingy

Example Sentence:

I appreciate your benevolent presence.

7. CATASTROPHE (NOUN): calamity :(आपत्ति)

Synonyms: adversity, casualty

Antonyms: benefit, gain

Example Sentence:

Floods in Assam is a natural catastrophe.

8. PENURIOUS (ADJECTIVE): avaricious :(कंजूस)

Synonyms: cheap, costive

Antonyms: generous, giving

Example Sentence:

Mukul is a penurious boy.

9. METICULOUS (ADJECTIVE): careful :(अतिसावधान)

Synonyms: particular, conscientious

Antonyms: careless, inaccurate

Example Sentence:

He is very meticulous with his assignments.

10. CONTRITE (ADJECTIVE): apologetic :(पश्चातापी)

Synonyms: regretful, humble

Antonyms: indifferent, unrepentant

Example Sentence:

Don’t be contrite anymore.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Vocab 14 september

BOURGEOIS (ADJECTIVE): commonplace :(मध्यमवर्गीय)

Synonyms: materialistic, philistine

Antonyms: adventurous, imaginative

Example Sentence:

He is from a bourgeois family.

2. ABOMINABLE (ADJECTIVE): loathsome :(घृणास्पद)

Synonyms: abhorrent, atrocious

Antonyms: desirous, pleasing

Example Sentence:

It was such an abominable sight.

3. AMBIGUITY (NOUN): uncertainty of meaning :(संदिग्धता)

Synonyms: doubt, vagueness

Antonyms: clarity, certainty

Example Sentence:

The students detect no ambiguity in the speech delivered by the master.

4. ADJOURN (VERB): stop a proceeding :(टालना)

Synonyms: delay, postpone

Antonyms: carry out, continue

Example Sentence:

The sentence was adjourned for a social inquiry report.

5. AUSPICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): advantageous :(मंगल)

Synonyms: felicitous, opportune

Antonyms: unpromising, unsuitable

Example Sentence:

It was not the most auspicious moment to hold a meeting.

6. BALEFUL (ADJECTIVE): menacing :(हानिकारक)

Synonyms: calamitous, sinister

Antonyms: favourable, promising

Example Sentence:

Arnab shot a baleful glance in her direction.

7. BEHOLD (VERB): observe :(निहारना)

Synonyms: see, view

Antonyms: ignore, overlook

Example Sentence:

She was beholding her little baby’s feet.

8. BLANDISH (VERB): flatter :(चापलूसी करना)

Synonyms: adulate, cajole

Antonyms: disparage, bully

Example Sentence:

The boss said to the employee, “don’t blandish me unnecessarily.”

9. ADMONISH (VERB): warn :(चेतावनी देना)

Synonyms: berate, chide

Antonyms: laud, praise

Example Sentence:

He was admonished by his teacher.

10. CONCEIT (NOUN): egotism :(मिथ्यागर्व)

Synonyms: arrogance, complacence

Antonyms: humility, modesty

Example Sentence:

Trisha was puffed up with conceit.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Vocab 13 september

IMMACULATE (ADJECTIVE): very clean :(निर्मल)

Synonyms: neat, spotless

Antonyms: filthy, tainted

Example Sentence:

She has an immaculate white saree.

2. INVEIGLING (ADJECTIVE): alluring :(ललचाने वाली)

Synonyms: attracting, captivating

Antonyms: repulsive, repellent

Example Sentence:

The picture was quite inveigling.

3. SINISTER (ADJECTIVE): nasty :( अशुभ)

Synonyms: ominous, perverse

Antonyms: auspicious, benevolent

Example Sentence:

It was a pretty sinister comment that you made so far.

4. MULISHNESS (NOUN): doggedness :(अड़ियलपन)

Synonyms: obstinacy, bullheadedness

Antonyms: irresolution, dubiety

Example Sentence:

He is buying everything by showing his heights of mulishness.

5. PULSATE (VERB): quaver :(काँपना)

Synonyms: tremble, quiver

Antonyms: steady, be still

Example Sentence:

The meek bird was pulsating in the refractory wind.

6. DOLEFUL (ADJECTIVE): mournful :(उदास)

Synonyms: woeful, sorrowful

Antonyms: elated, cheerful

Example Sentence:

It must be a doleful morning for her and her family.

7. CEREBRATION (NOUN): thought :(दिमाग़ी कार्य)

Synonyms: cogitation, contemplation

Antonyms: avoidance, ignorance

Example Sentence:

To join the two meaning together, the mathematical cerebration and methods was created.

8. RANTING (ADJECTIVE): raving :(नाराज़)

Synonyms: angry, raging

Antonyms: serene, placid

Example Sentence:

Mukesh is a ranting man.

9. HOARSE (ADJECTIVE): harsh :(कर्कश)

Synonyms: rough, gruff

Antonyms: polite, soft

Example Sentence:

One should not be hoarse towards their workers.

10. BEHEAD (VERB): cut off the head :(सिर काट कर अलग कर देना)

Synonyms: decapitate, decollate

Antonyms: pardon, save

Example Sentence:

The Chinese soldier was beheaded by the American troop.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Vocab 12 september

UNWAVERING (ADJECTIVE): resolute :(स्थिर)

Synonyms: faithful, dedicated

Antonyms: disloyal, unreliable

Example Sentence:

Shayna was unwavering in her opinions.

2. CRYPTIC (ADJECTIVE): curt :(गुप्त)

Synonyms: brusque, abrupt

Antonyms: lengthy, long-winded

Example Sentence:

My husband’s cryptic comment left me confused.

3. ACERBIC (ADJECTIVE): caustic :(तीक्ष्ण)

Synonyms: rancorous, bitter

Antonyms: kind, nice

Example Sentence:

My mother-in-law tries to hide the fact she does not like me by using acerbic comments.

4. SCALLOP (VERB): pucker :(सिकुड़ना)

Synonyms: scrunch, crumple

Antonyms: flatten, smooth

Example Sentence:

The scallop fishery is becoming more and more valuable.

5. INTERLACE (VERB): braid :(लपेटना)

Synonyms: curl, enmesh

Antonyms: untwist, untangle

Example Sentence:

Alice interlaced her hair around her finger.

6. ENDEMIC (ADJECTIVE): local :(स्थानिक)

Synonyms: native, regional

Antonyms: alien, foreign

Example Sentence:

Navneet is an endemic vendor.

7. GUTTURAL (ADJECTIVE): grating :(कर्कश)

Synonyms: growling, husky

Antonyms: thin, dulcet

Example Sentence:

Deepak has a guttural voice.

8. HARROW (VERB): devastate :(मिटाना)

Synonyms: sack, spoil

Antonyms: create, construct

Example Sentence: He harrowed the village.

9. IMBECILE (ADJECTIVE): stupid :(मूर्ख)

Synonyms: idiotic, moronic

Antonyms: smart, brainy

Example Sentence:

Aneesh is such an imbecile boy.

10. IGNOBLE (ADJECTIVE): lowly :( नीच)

Synonyms: unworthy, despicable

Antonyms: dignified, honorable

Example Sentence:

She has ignoble feelings of intense jealous

Monday, September 10, 2018

Vocab 11 september

ORNERY (ADJECTIVE): belligerent :(नटखट)

Synonyms: cantankerous, contentious

Antonyms: agreeable, good-natured

Example Sentence:

She is ornery by nature.

2. OUTLAY (NOUN): expenses :(परिव्यय)

Synonyms: disbursement, expenditure

Antonyms: savings, income

Example Sentence:

My net outlay is more than I earn.

3. VERBALIZATION (NOUN): discourse :(शाब्दिक अभिव्यक्ति)

Synonyms: communication, discussion

Antonyms: silence, quite

Example Sentence:

The verbalization between them was very compendiary.

4. ROTE (NOUN): routine of daily life :(दुहराव)

Synonyms: course, habit

Antonyms: disorder, dis organization

Example Sentence:

She has been in a rote after a long time.

5. MUDDLED (ADJECTIVE): disordered :(अव्यवस्थित)

Synonyms: chaotic, disarrayed

Antonyms: ordered, organized

Example Sentence:

His improper steps landed him in muddled situation.

6. HIATUS (NOUN): pause :(विराम)

Synonyms: lacuna, space

Antonyms: closing, closure

Example Sentence:

We were given a hiatus.

7. FRORE (ADJECTIVE): bitter :(जमा हुआ)

Synonyms: chilly, frosty

Antonyms: heated, hot

Example Sentence:

They share a frore relationship.

8. IMPERVIOUS (ADJECTIVE): impenetrable :(अभेद्य)

Synonyms: invulnerable, impassable

Antonyms: affected, susceptible

Example Sentence:

I saw an impervious layer of basaltic clay.

9. HALTER (NOUN): control :(लगाम)

Synonyms: check, deterrent

Antonyms: encouragement, liberation

Example Sentence:

She haltered her emotions.

10. IDYLL (NOUN): suggestive :(विचारोत्तेजक)

Synonyms:expressive, reminiscent

Antonyms: unexpressive, non-reminiscent

Example Sentence:

The rural idyll remains strongly evocative.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Vocab 10 september

VANITY (NOUN): conceit : (घमंड)

Synonyms: arrogance, pride

Antonyms: humility, modesty

Example Sentence:

Her nature shows a bit of conceit in her.

2. WARMONGER (NOUN): militarist : (जंगबाज़)

Synonyms: combatant, hawk

Antonyms: civilian, noncombatant

Example Sentence:

Adeel is a brave warmonger.

3. VERVE (NOUN): gumption : (जोश)

Synonyms: gusto, moxie

Antonyms: lethargy, inactivity

Example Sentence:

Her performance had a certain verve n it.

4. TANTRUM (NOUN): flare-up : (गुस्से का आवेश)

Synonyms: out-burst, temper

Antonyms: peace, happiness

Example Sentence:

Our members witnessed the tantrum of the people outside the campus.

5. UNRIVALLED (ADJECTIVE): exceptional : (बेजोड़)

Synonyms: inimitable, transcendent

Antonyms: inferior, lowly

Example Sentence:

She is a girl with unrivalled talent.

6. DIRE (ADJECTIVE): crucial : (अत्यावश्यक)

Synonyms: vital, essential

Antonyms: unimportant, trivial

Example Sentence:

It is dire to submit these documents by tomorrow.

7. DISSIPATE (VERB): expend: (उड़ाना)

Synonyms: deplete, spend

Antonyms: collect, gather

Example Sentence: That cooktop dissipates lots of smoke.

8. BIFURCATE (VERB): divide: (दो शाखाओं में बांटना)

Synonyms: bisect, diverge

Antonyms: agree, unite

Example Sentence:

This road is bifurcated into two suburbs.

9. TORTUOUS (ADJECTIVE): very twisted: (कपटपूर्ण)

Synonyms: winding, circuitous

Antonyms: straight forward, untwisted

Example Sentence:

Avantica always talks in tortuous manner.

10. BARB (NOUN): sneer : (उपहास)

Synonyms: insult, brickbat

Antonyms: kindness, accolade

Example Sentence:

Jacob’s barb hurt more than she cared to admit.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Vocab 9 september

THESPIAN (NOUN): artist : (अभिनेता)

Synonyms: entertainer, actor

Antonyms: non-entertainer, non-artist

Example Sentence:

I met a great thespian in Moscow.

2. DILAPIDATION (NOUN): ruin : (नाश)

Synonyms: decrepitude, destruction

Antonyms: development, escalation

Example Sentence:

Yet all this was apart from any extraordinary dilapidation.

3. ESPOUSE (VERB): support : (समर्थन करना)

Synonyms: adopt, advocate

Antonyms: reject, refuse

Example Sentence:

They espoused the notion of equal opportunity for all in education.

4. FIERY (ADJECTIVE): blazing : (उग्र)

Synonyms: burning, flaming

Antonyms: cold, cool

Example Sentence:

Anushka cooked in a fiery furnace.

5. FECKLESS (ADJECTIVE): without purpose : (अबल)

Synonyms: aimless, carefree

Antonyms: purposeful, efficient

Example Sentence:

It was a feckless attempt to make the company a success.

6. MERCURIAL (ADJECTIVE): flighty, temperamental : (चंचल)

Synonyms: changeable, impulsive

Antonyms: constant, stable

Example Sentence:

His mercurial temperament made him difficult to work with his teammates.

7. SPECIOUS (ADJECTIVE): misleading : (दिखावटी)

Synonyms: deceptive, false

Antonyms: genuine, valid

Example Sentence:

His readings are seeming to be specious.

8. WALLOP (VERB): clobber : (वज्रपात)

Synonyms: drub, trounce

Antonyms: lose, surrender

Example Sentence:

The drunken truck driver was walloped by a mob.

9. ZEST (NOUN): flavoring : (उत्तेजकता)

Synonyms: pungency, piquancy

Antonyms: dullness, blandness

Example Sentence:

My brother’s remark added a certain zest to the atmosphere.

10. WHIMSICAL (ADJECTIVE): playful : (सनकी)

Synonyms: amusing, funny

Antonyms: behaving, sensible

Example Sentence:

Anu watched Pranuj with whimsical eyes.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Vocab 8 september

RAPACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): aggressively greedy : (लालची)

Synonyms: ferocious, marauding

Antonyms: satisfied, contended

Example Sentence:

He is a rapacious lawyer.

2. HALCYON (ADJECTIVE): calm, peaceful : (धीर)

Synonyms: quiet, still

Antonyms: agitated

Example Sentence:

It is such a halcyon place.

3. TREMOR (NOUN): shiver : (कंपन)

Synonyms: vibration, shaking

Antonyms: stillness, calmness

Example Sentence:

The train caused tremor at the platform.

4. QUIXOTIC (ADJECTIVE): idealistic : (विलक्षण)
Synonyms: impractical, dreamy

Antonyms: realistic, sensible

Example Sentence:

It was clearly a quixotic case against the defendant.

5. DISINGENUOUS (ADJECTIVE): not straightforward or candid : (कपटी)
Synonyms: unfair, cunning

Antonyms: frank, truthful

Example Sentence:

It was disingenuous of her to claim she had no financial interest in the company.

6. DERISIVE (ADJECTIVE): ridiculing : (व्यंग्यात्मक)

Synonyms: cheeky, mocking

Antonyms: polite, respectful

Example Sentence:

It was a derisive act.

7. ODIOUS (ADJECTIVE): extremely unpleasant : (घिनौना)

Synonyms: disgusting, horrid

Antonyms: attractive, delightful

Example Sentence:

The detective said it was the most odious crime she had ever seen.

8. FORTUITOUS (ADJECTIVE): lucky, accidental : (आकस्मिक)

Synonyms: random, chance

Antonyms: intentional, planned

Example Sentence:

The check could not have arrived at a more fortuitous time.

9. TRIFLING (ADJECTIVE): insignificant : (तुच्छ)

Synonyms: dinky, worthless

Antonyms: important, worthwhile

Example Sentence:

Avika always engages herself in trifling tasks.

10. TOPPLE (VERB): collapse : (गिर पड़ना)

Synonyms: oust, unseat

Antonyms: rise, increase

Example Sentence:

Within the fraction of few seconds the plane toppled over the building.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Vocab 9 september

TATTERED (ADJECTIVE): Ragged: (फाड़ डाला हुआ)

Synonyms: shabby, damaged

Antonyms: healed, mended

Example Sentence:

He is wearing a torn shirt.

2. PREREQUISITE (ADJECTIVE): Essential: (जरूरी)

Synonyms: necessary, expedient

Antonyms: secondary, inessential

Example Sentence:

Reading questions is prerequisite to solve the passage.

3. APPREHENSION (NOUN): Understanding: (ग्रहणशक्ति)

Synonyms: awareness, perception

Antonyms: ignorance, calmness

Example Sentence:

Deep apprehension is required in solving the puzzle.

4. HOVER (VERB): Waver: (मंडराना)

Synonyms: drift, fly

Antonyms: rest, settle

Example Sentence:

Clouds were hovering in the sky.

5. SENILE (ADJECTIVE): Aged : (बूढ़ा)

Synonyms: anile, decrepit

Antonyms: young, alert

Example Sentence:

He was looking senile in pictures.

6. PROPAGANDA (NOUN): Information that is designed to mislead: (प्रचार)

Synonyms: disinformation, indoctrination

Antonyms: truth, facts

Example Sentence:

That video which went viral was just his propaganda.

7. ENCAPSULATE (VERB): Encase: (डिब्बे में रखना)

Synonyms: enclose, cover

Antonyms: uncover, unwrap

Example Sentence:

Robbers encapsulated all the cash.

9. VAGARY (NOUN): Usually a light hearted adventure: (मौज)

Synonyms: mischief, escapade

Antonyms: seriousness, gravity

Example Sentence:

The little vagary at the mainland cost him life.

10 WAYLAY (VERB): Stop or interrupt (someone) : (ताक में रहना)

Synonyms: hold up, ambush

Antonyms: proceed, continue

Example Sentence:

The police officer stepped in front of the distraught woman to waylay her before she reached the crime scene.

Vocab 6 september

PORTLINESS (NOUN): overweight : (मोटापन)

Synonyms: adiposity, corpulence

Antonyms: slimness, thinness

Example Sentence:

They adopt surgical procedures for portliness.

2. REVAMP (ADJECTIVE): renovate: (सुधार)

Synonyms: overhaul, refurbish

Antonyms: ruin, damaged

Example Sentence:

Siya revamped her dream-catcher hanging beside her bed.

3. RESPITE (NOUN): pause: (राहत)

Synonyms: breather, downtime

Antonyms: advance, continuation

Example Sentence:

Sanjana gave a sudden respite amid the conversation.

4. PEDIGREE (ADJECTIVE): thoroughbred: (वंशावली)

Synonyms: full-blooded, pure-blood

Antonyms: base-born, lowly

Example Sentence:

They like pedigree cats.

5. DROLL (ADJECTIVE): amusing: (मनोरंजक)

Synonyms: eccentric, whimsical

Antonyms: common, normal

Example Sentence:

Shipra is a droll girl.

6. PINCH (NOUN): compression: (चुटकी)

Synonyms: confinement, contraction

Antonyms: freedom, release

Example Sentence:

Daksh felt pinch beneath his hair.

7. RESORT (VERB): address: (काम मे लाना)

Synonyms: devote, exercise

Antonyms: abstain, halt

Example Sentence:

The duke was prepared to resort to force if negotiation failed.

8. PARRY (VERB): avoid: (टालना)

Synonyms: deflect, evade

Antonyms: encounter, encounter

Example Sentence:

Alisah parried the danger somehow.

9. REVELRY (NOUN): merrymaking: (मद्यपान का उत्सव)

Synonyms: debauchery, carousal

Antonyms: sadness, mourning

Example Sentence:

Chetan is involved in revelry these days.

10. PROWESS (NOUN): ability: (क्षमता)

Synonyms: skill, aptitude

Antonyms: failure, inability

Example Sentence:

Pralabh has many pieces of prowess in him.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Vocab 5 september

EXCRUCIATE (VERB): agonize: (कष्ट पहुंचाना)

Synonyms: anguish, bother

Antonyms: equity, fairness

Example Sentence:

Swastika stood back, excruciated by the possibility.

2. CONCRETE (ADJECTIVE): actual: (वास्तविक)

Synonyms: factual, particular

Antonyms: unimportant, indefinite

Example Sentence:

Swinka has a concrete information.

3. RENEGE (VERB): go back on a promise: (इनकार)

Synonyms: reverse, welsh

Antonyms: correction, accuracy

Example Sentence:

People have reneged on a core promise laid out in the preamble of the constitution.

4. STIGMATISE (VERB): disgrace: (कलंकित करना)

Synonyms: defame, denounce

Antonyms: exalt, praise

Example Sentence:

This action will stigmatise a set of citizens for their poverty.

5. REPLETE (ADJECTIVE): filled or well supplied with something : (भरा हुआ)

Synonyms: awash, rife

Antonyms: empty, unfilled

Example Sentence:

History is replete with odious instances of countries that have differentiated between citizens in the past.

6. EXPLOITATION (NOUN): misuse: (दुरुपयोग करना)

Synonyms: ill-treatment, wringing

Antonyms: hospitable, generous

Example Sentence:

It was an exploitation of the patented invention.

7. THRIVE (VERB): prosper: (फूलना फलना)

Synonyms: flourish, bloom

Antonyms: cease, decrease

Example Sentence:

It appears to believe that English can’t thrive as long as French survives.

8. MAGNANIMOUS (ADJECTIVE): generous: (उदार)

Synonyms: altruistic, charitable

Antonyms: mean, selfish

Example Sentence:

The panel is more magnanimous than Article 120(2).

9. CONCEDE (VERB): acknowledge: (स्वीकार करना)

Synonyms: accept, cave in

Antonyms: deny, refuse

Example Sentence:

I had to concede that I'd overreacted.

10. STRIVE (VERB): make great efforts to achieve something : (प्रयास करना)

Synonyms: aim, attempt

Antonyms: neglect, dissuade

Example Sentence:

They strive to make their respective languages prominent in governance and education.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Vocab 4 august

RAVE (VERB): talk endlessly : (बड़बड़ाना)

Synonyms: babble, gabble

Antonyms: be quiet, be silent

Example Sentence:

Nancy was raving about a black ghost.

2. SKIRT (VERB): dodge. : (टालना)

Synonyms: avoid, evade

Antonyms: confront, encounter

Example Sentence:

Sumeir and Mayra are both skirting the issue.

3. WAIVE (VERB): stop : (रोकना)

Synonyms: let go, give up

Antonyms: carry out, continue

Example Sentence:

Government is thinking of waiving of import duty on life saving drugs.

4. QUIP (NOUN): A clever remark : (टिप्पड़ी)

Synonyms: banter, gag

Antonyms: praise, flattery

Example Sentence:

She is quite intelligent and is in the habit of making quips.

5. SETBACK (NOUN): hitch : (बाधा)

Synonyms: hindrance, impediment

Antonyms: assistance, aid

Example Sentence:

I can’t handle more setback in production.

6. AGILE (ADJECTIVE): nimble : (चुस्त)

Synonyms: lithe, spry

Antonyms: slow, sluggish

Example Sentence:

The police acted with agility and apprehended the robbers.

7. JUXTAPOSITION (NOUN): the act of placing two things next to each other for implicit comparison. : (निकटता)

Synonyms: nearness, proximity

Antonyms: distance, remoteness

Example Sentence:

The interior designer admired my juxtaposition of the yellow couch and green table

8. JEJUNE (ADJECTIVE): dull : (रसहीन)

Synonyms: boring, banal

Antonyms: interesting, active

Example Sentence:

Apaar left for Mumbai because he got tired of jejune life in his home town.

9. RAMIFY (VERB): branch : (विशाखन करना)

Synonyms: bifurcate, divulge

Antonyms: abridge, combine

Example Sentence:

These plants ramify early and get to be very large.

10. COALESCE (VERB): blend : (सम्मिलित होना)

Synonyms: fuse, integrate

Antonyms: divide, separate

Example Sentence:

The puddles had coalesced into shallow streams.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Vocab 3 september

1.COMMEMORATE (VERB): recall or show respect for : (पुण्यस्मरण करना)

Synonyms: memorize, celebrate

Antonyms: ignore, neglect

Example Sentence:

All players will receive a championship ring to commemorate the team’s amazing season.

2. UNRIVALLED (ADJECTIVE): never done or known before: (अभूतपूर्व)

Synonyms: bizarre, unique

Antonyms: common, familiar

Example Sentence:

Before the storm, there was an unrivalled demand for food supplies that left many stores empty.

3. FLUX (NOUN): the action of flowing: (संचार)

Synonyms: alteration, flow

Antonyms: constancy, stagnation

Example Sentence:

I never know how much I'll pay for a gallon of fuel because gas prices are always in flux.

4. DISILLUSIONMENT (NOUN): disappointment from unexpected occurrence: (मोहभंग)

Synonyms: adversity, chagrin

Antonyms: achievement, pleasure

Example Sentence:

There has been a sense of disillusionment on both sides about the present state of play in the relationship.

5. BLUNT (ADJECTIVE): truthful, straightforward: (स्पष्टवादी)

Synonyms: impartial, equitable

Antonyms: biased, devious

Example Sentence:

Prevention from having blunt conversations is required.

6. CREVICE (NOUN): a crack: (दरार)

Synonyms: chink, fissure

Antonyms: agreement, closure

Example Sentence:

The Hawksbill feeds on sponges in the reef ecosystem and opens up crevices for other marine life to live in.

7. PROSAIC (ADJECTIVE): lacking in force: (मंद)

Synonyms: blah, muted

Antonyms: bright, shiny

Example Sentence:

The new product achieved prosaic sales.

8. GAZE (NOUN): a steady intent look: (टकटकी)

Synonyms: peep, glaring

Antonyms: ignorance, avoidance

Example Sentence:

The policeman gave me a penetrating gaze.

9. ENTICEMENT (NOUN): the desire to do something wrong: (प्रलोभन)

Synonyms: decoy, seduction

Antonyms: hatred, prevention

Example Sentence:

He was under no enticement to commit suicide.

10. ENTANGLE (VERB): cause to become twisted together : (उलझाना)

Synonyms: entrap, bewilder

Antonyms: enlighten, exclude

Example Sentence:

They might entangle Austria in a war with Russia.

Vocab 2 september

UNRUFFLED (ADJECTIVE): (शान्त): calm

Synonyms: composed, unflappable

Antonyms: upset, worried

Example Sentence:

Satvik was looking unruffled.

2. CONFLUENCE (NOUN): (संधि-स्थल): coming together

Synonyms: assemblage, junction

Antonyms: division, separation

Example Sentence:

This Garden is located at the confluence of four rivers.

3. REBUT (VERB): (खंडन करना): deny

Synonyms: quash, disapprove

Antonyms: allow, approve

Example Sentence:

Ambuj had to rebut charges of acting.

4. OUTLANDISH (ADJECTIVE): (विचित्र): freakish

Synonyms: weird, bizarre

Antonyms: common, familiar

Example Sentence:

He is an outlandish king.

5. SUAVITY (NOUN): (शिष्टता): sophistication

Synonyms: charm, courtesy

Antonyms: misbehaviour, rudeness

Example Sentence:

I need lessons in suavity.

6. THRONG (NOUN): (भीड़): bunch

Synonyms: flock, mass

Antonyms: individual, one

Example Sentence:

Paurush pushed his way through the throng.

7. INCERTITUDE (NOUN): (संदेह): uncertainty

Synonyms: doubt, insecurity

Antonyms: certainty, certitude

Example Sentence:

Some schools broke down under the stresses of policy incertitude.

8. TENUOUS (ADJECTIVE): (कमज़ोर): weak, thin

Synonyms: delicate, insubstantial

Antonyms: certain, strong

Example Sentence:

Tenuous relations need great attention and care.
9. ANNEX (NOUN): (पूरक अंश): addendum

Synonyms: appendix, adjunct

Antonyms: base, lessening

Example Sentence:

To eliminate overcrowding, the county is going to add an annex to the high school.

10. UNREFUTED (ADJECTIVE): (सही): accurate

Synonyms: authentic, definite

Antonyms: incorrect, indefinite

Example Sentence:

Silky has completed an unrefuted task.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Vocab 1 September

GALLANT (ADJECTIVE): courageous : (बहादुर)

Synonyms: brave, fearless

Antonyms: afraid, fearful

Example Sentence:

Shivi is a gallant lady.

2. FREAK (NOUN): aberration : (सनकी)

Synonyms: anomaly, oddity

Antonyms: conformity, normality

Example Sentence:

The teacher says the accident was a total freak.

3. DISCOURSE (NOUN): communication : (बातचीत)

Synonyms: dialogue, conversation

Antonyms: quiet, silence

Example Sentence:

This is the language of political discourse.

4. GRACIOUS (ADJECTIVE): kind : (विनीत)

Synonyms: congenial, cordial

Antonyms: surly, irritable

Example Sentence:

Haritima is a gracious hostess.

5. GLIB (ADJECTIVE): artful :

Synonyms: articulate, eloquent

Antonyms: awkward, silent

Example Sentence:

The glib phrases soon roll off the tongue.

6. GULLIBLE (ADJECTIVE): foolish : (अकुशल)

Synonyms: unsophisticated, artless

Antonyms: wise, perceptive

Example Sentence:

He had formulated a gullible idea.

7. GRATUITOUS (ADJECTIVE): free : (निःशुल्क)

Synonyms: charge-less, costless

Antonyms: costly, expensive

Example Sentence:

The homeless shelter provides food gratuitous for needy individuals.

8. HEARSAY (NOUN): blasphemy : (अफ़वाह)

Synonyms: fallacy, apostasy

Antonyms: agreement, belief

Example Sentence:

Court officials dismissed the witness’s testimony as hearsay.

9. GRAVE (ADJECTIVE): sober : (गंभीर)

Synonyms: sage, subdued

Antonyms: agitated, boisterous

Example Sentence:

Harit gave a grave look.

10. GUST (NOUN): blast : (झोंका)

Synonyms: breeze, burst

Antonyms: calm, quiet

Example Sentence:

I was feeling rather stifling save for a lone gust of win.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Vocab 31 august

PRIGGISH (ADJECTIVE): smug : (दम्भी)

Synonyms: pompous, stuffy

Antonyms: dissatisfied, discontented

Example Sentence:

I had to meet a priggish person in the train.

2. INURE (VERB): accustom someone to something esp. unpleasant : (सहनशील बनाना)

Synonyms: acclimate, toughen

Antonyms: neglect, soften

Example Sentence:

A continuation of the exclusion of these people from their lands should not inure to the benefit of the wrongdoers.

3. ONSLAUGHT (NOUN): attack : (हमला)

Synonyms: onrush, invasion

Antonyms: retreat, defense

Example Sentence:

The people suddenly made an onslaught on him.

4.REPINE (VERB): complain : (शिकायत करना)

Synonyms: grumble, lament

Antonyms: compliment, praise

Example Sentence:

He always repines about his peer.

5. CABOODLE (NOUN): collection of something : (ताम-झाम)

Synonyms: cluster, agglomeration

Antonyms: individual, one

Example Sentence:

I have a caboodle of great books.

6. ATTICISM (NOUN): grace : (लालित्य)

Synonyms: grandeur, elegance

Antonyms: crudeness, imbalance

Example Sentence:

I see the majestic Atticism in her personality.

7. AUSTERITY (NOUN): severity in manner : (आत्मसंयम)

Synonyms: acerbity, asperity

Antonyms: informality, mildness

Example Sentence:

The austerity of the politician was well renowned.

8. ARTIFICE (NOUN): clever act : (चालाकी)

Synonyms: maneuver, gimmick

Antonyms: candor, honesty

Example Sentence:

These pictures are full of artifice.

9. VALOUR (NOUN): courage : (वीरता)

Synonyms: firmness, fortitude

Antonyms: cowardice, timidity

Example Sentence:

His valor impressed everyone.

10. VIGILANT (ADJECTIVE): attentive : (जागरूक)

Synonyms: observant, cautious

Antonyms: heedless, impulsive

Example Sentence:

I am very vigilant while writing a letter.